One of Techvantage’s expertise is in software development. At Techvantage Innovations, we specialize in providing simplified software solutions for a smooth managerial process in every organization.

Our software Packages Are developed & customized to serve:


Our hospital software solution will help manage

  •  Patients (Newly registered patients, existing patients, transferred patients, and their medical reports)
  •  Staff (which includes; staff employment files, attendance, appraisal, shift/duty, assigned patient, etc.)
  •  Wards (No of wards and the available patients in each of the wards)
  •  Account department (Treatment payment, coupon payments, card/cash payment, financial report)
  •  Laboratory department (All lab test result, findings etc.)
  •  Management Board (For HRM management in communicating with staff and passing for information)


Our school software solution will help to manage

  •  Students (Newly registered/admitted students, existing students, student tuition fee and announcement board)
  •  Staff (which include; Lecturers files, appraisal, lecture schedules, etc.)
  •  Parents – (Parent login page to report, monitor, payment of tuition fee, and request for student performance)This section applies to secondary schools only.
  •  Account department (Tuition fees and other fees payment, staff/lecturers salary payment either card/cash payment, financial report)
  •  Course/classes/curriculum (Courses offered by the school, time-table, events, and other activities for the school


Our construction firm software solution will help to manage

  •  Projects (New projects, ongoing projects, finished projects, all project updates, transferred projects and their project manager.
  •  Staff (which include; contract & professional staff employment management, attendance, shift/duty, appraisal, etc.)
  •  Clients (Client login page to view project update and assigned project manager)
  •  Account department (Project mobilization/payments, staff salary payments, Operation management payment, and summarised financial report)
  •  Human resources management (For managing staff profiles, recruitments and other functions)
  •  Site Management (All site & the assigned workers, which will involve graphical views, videos and images)
  •  Equipment Management
  •  Maintenance Management
  •  Material Management


Our hotel software solution will help to manage

  •  Booking and Reservations
  •  Group Booking management
  •  Guest Relationship Management
  •  Laundry Management
  •  Banquet Management
  •  Mini bar Management
  •  Payroll Management
  •  Report
  •  Multiple Language


Our software for the oil & gas industry solution will help to manage the following module

  •  Gas plants (i.e. gas plant management)
  •  Staff
  •  Clients (i.e. for supply)
  •  Salespersons
  •  Logistics Management
  •  Accountant

Project Development Cycle

Business Goals Analysis -> Competitive Review -> Technical Review -> Risk Identification
UX/UI Design -> Database Design -> API Design -> Architecture Design
Custom Software -> Mobile Development -> Web Development -> DevOps
Quality Assurance -> Trouble Shooting -> Project Governance -> Implementation
Product Launch -> Maintenance and Support -> Monitoring -> Feedback & Analysis