Fantastic Visual Content Creation Tools and Where to Find Them

If you have read our visual content marketing tips to creating and making the most out of top quality images and so on, then you should know how important visual content marketing is for your site.

Why is visual content important?

About 87.5% of marketers have confessed to visual content taking up at least 50% residence in their content space. This should be enough of a statistic to show you that if you want to grow your audience and increase traffic flow into your site, you need to employ the help of visual content.

This includes stock images, infographics, videos, and the rest of them.

Think about it for a minute. We might have lost your attention if we didn’t insert the image below, right at this point.

Stock images are highly relevant to Visual content marketing.

You would’ve lost any interest to keep on reading. And as a last resort, you also might’ve scrolled all the way down to see if this was worth your time.

Or that it has the answers to your questions, at least.

And if there were no stock images, videos, or even so much as one infographic, you would have closed this site tab. Or pressed that back button back to the Google search engine.

As a site owner, if this keeps happening to you, then you can end it with our SEO guide to ranking high by doing little.

This is the exciting, yet tasking, thing about visual content marketing; grabbing and keeping reader attention. But when you’re armed with the right content tool ammo for creating interesting and high grade visual content, engaging your audience shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

So to help you narrow down your search, we’ve selected some of our top efficient Visual content creation tools.

Fantastic visual content marketing tools.

1. Canva

Mentioning visual content creation without Canva is like trying to drive a car without wheels.

The Canva app.

Canva offers one of the best compilation of templates which allow you to be almost limitless in using its very interactive features.

Whether you’re trying to design a corporate instagram post, or card designs for your business, or even just a simple artsy blog post, Canva has you covered, when it comes to variety.

Now, it isn’t totally free. But you get to manipulate some cool and free templates, at a start.

Accessing the premium features comes at the price of a subscription plan. But don’t worry.

You won’t go bankrupt.

2. Powtoon

Create awesome videos and presentations with Powtoon.

If you’re obsessed with videos, Powtoon is perfect for you. But just like Canva, this guy isn’t free.

However, there’s a free trial window available for all users to make use of its amazing features. So if you like making How-to guides like on how to select stock images, or you like making animated presentation videos, then why not give Powtoon a try?

3. GIFMaker

How can we ever forget GIFMaker? It’s one of the best free GIF makers online. It also has a pretty simple interface that even a baby could navigate.

All you have to do here is insert the image or picture of your choice, set up the speed, choose a time loop, and if you like, even add music to it, and voila! You have your GIF ready in just seconds.

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

With GIFMaker, you also get the chance to create and design characters after your own self. Additionally, you can reduce the file size of the gifs you make, as well as choose to merge two or more gifs into one.


This trending app is your go-to option for when you want to take your photo editing skills to the next level.


The mobile app, which is available to both Android and iOS devices, allows you to do basically almost anything you want to your pictures and videos. From increasing the contrast to choosing colors for the highlights, with a wide range of tools.

You can even sharpen them up for better quality. And before we forget, the mouth watering filters.

Currently, the P5 filter is Techvantage’s favorite filter. What’s yours?

5. Infogram

This is one of the best tools for creating infographics. Because you get to have access to over 30 different infographic templates, and even maps. You can alter them to your own preference with its easy-to-use interface.


And you don’t necessarily need to be a computer guru or genius to utilize this tool.

6. Quickmeme

This is one site where you can find all the quirky and funny memes you need to get your readers cracking their ribs with laughter.


And if you don’t have any luck finding those memes, you could always make your own on the site.

Just a tip.

The “show and not tell” advice is best suits you if you’re looking to grow your online audience with visual content marketing.

It would help you greatly to know that people no longer want you to teach them stuff by just info-dumping them with long and boring paragraphs of text. That would only just put them straight to sleep.

Stock images help your readers understand your posts better.

They want you to show and guide them through the process, making it more of an experience than a torturous lecture. And if this still isn’t enough to convince you about the importance of visual content, then you might want to ask yourself this very important question:

Would the same social media platforms I know today still thrive as much as they are now without images and videos? Especially in these modern times when attention spans are dropping like flies?

Would you be so quick to press the like button on a very lengthy and boring post that doesn’t have any form of visual content?

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