Top Factors Affecting Mobile App Development Cost in 2021!

Top Factors Affecting Mobile App Development Cost in 2021!

Every year, the popularity of mobile applications undergoes substantial transformations, with both increasing markets and stable economies propelling this industry. Businesses around the globe are moving online at breakneck speed. because it is more practical, profitable, and contemporary.

To expand the reach and visibility of their offerings and services, every digital business needs a mobile app. Top startups are betting on mobile app development and hiring mobile app developers to help develop them. Given the fierce competition in the mobility sector, a mobile app might be a lucrative business in and of itself. When considering the development of a digital product, whether a mobile app or a web app, two primary questions arise:  

  • How much does app development cost?
  • How long will it take?

Well, it depends!

However, the best mobile apps aren’t created overnight. It also depends on a variety of aspects. However, the golden thought is that you get what you paid for.  

At Techvantage Innovations, we get a lot of queries regarding the cost of app development, so we decided to put together a budget guide for app development to assist you in picking the best option for your requirements. 

App development costs are influenced or impacted by a variety of aspects, the most important of which is the technology you select to use for your development. Let’s look at the aspects that influence the cost of developing a mobile app. 

Aspects that impact the Cost of Developing a Mobile App!

The following are some of the primary aspects that influence the cost of a bespoke mobile app are:

#1. Development Time

A simple app must be developed by a team rather than a single person to ensure the best user experience. As everyone is committed and accountable with their step of the development, it will be much quicker and more meaningful in the end. Applications, without a doubt, necessitate the involvement of additional employees in the development cycle. The following roles were required to build a top-notch app:

  • Frontend developers
  • Backend developers
  • UI/UX developers
  • QA engineers
  • Project manager
  • Business analyst

#2. App’s design

The layout of the application is another important component that influences the cost of developing an app. Customized design or customized user interface is much more difficult to create and thus more costly than a conventional user interface. As a result, if you want to make a fantastic UI, you need to pay attention to things like:

  • Mockups/Wireframes
  • UI design

#3. Backend technology

Any high-performance application relies on a solid backend. This comprises some of the most difficult characteristics. In addition, applications with such extensive features will have higher prices. One of the most difficult aspects of backend development is storing, organizing, and utilizing data in a way that ensures a consistent user experience. Which, in turn, necessitates regular upgrades. If additional features are introduced to a mobile app, the cost of development can skyrocket.

#4. Features & functionality

The cost of developing an application is determined by the number of capabilities and their complexities. Is your app a simple one-feature app or a full-featured software package with in-app purchases, adverts, and a variety of choices.

#5. Platform

For generations, the two mobile platforms, iOS, and Android have dominated the entire app development domain. However, when compared to iOS, the Google Play Store has more apps. This should not, however, be the only aspect to examine. Most businesses, it was observed, prefer to have an Android mobile application first. However, you should be aware that the Android industry is quite tough, and developers often cut development costs in order to keep their prospective customers. With higher costs and less competitiveness, the iOS market can provide more price stability. However, considering the popularity of both the iOS and Android app platforms, businesses interested in going mobile should develop apps for both platforms at the same time. 

#6. App’s maintenance

The fact that you developed and released your application on the Google Play Store and the App Store does not indicate your costs are ended. The cost of sustaining (Maintenance) your mobile app should be factored into the entire development cost. Users should be allowed to download and use your application quite so many times as they desire. The cost of app maintenance is approximately 10-20% of the development cost, based on our experiences developing and managing mobile apps for a variety of enterprises. If you’d like additional information on app maintenance expenses, please contact us. 


So, how much does an app cost to develop? It depends on a number of aspects. Budgeting for apps is difficult for both startups and existing businesses. According to the most recent industry polls, the cost of developing a mobile business app ranges from $30,000 to $500,000. If you’re passionate about using a mobile app to grow your business, you’ll need a top mobile app development company to turn your words into action. Techvantage Innovations is a multi-award-winning web and mobile app development company. With our creative mobile app services, we’ve assisted a lot of companies to flourish, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Ultimately, we hope that the information in this blog will assist you in making the best decision possible. 


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