Top 5 Reasons to Hire A Remote ReactJS Developer For Web Development

Top 5 Reasons to Hire A Remote ReactJS Developer For Web Development

All businesses use the web and mobile apps to market their products/services and interact with prospective customers. In case you want to develop a web application, developers who will work on the project are likely to use ReactJS, a JavaScript library, to build User Interfaces. Soon after its introduction, ReactJS became very popular for developing attractive user interfaces for mobile and web apps.

ReactJS library has features like Virtual DOM, one-way data binding, component-based architecture, and Declarative UI. It is currently in high demand for front-end development, used by over 1 million websites, including those of Airbnb, PayPal, Facebook, and Netflix.

In this article, we will discuss the Top 5 reasons to hire a remote ReactJS developer for your web development requirement.

Reasons for Hiring a Remote ReactJS Developer

Although ReactJS is simple to learn, outsourcing the requirement may be more convenient for a company.

Reason#1 Focus on Your Core Business

This is the most obvious reason for any firm to hire a remote ReactJS developer for their web development.

If you need to construct a new building for your operations, you don’t do it yourself, right?

Similarly, you should hire a remote ReactJS developer for your web development requirement rather than asking your employees to learn how to do it. You rather ask them to focus on their core competencies.

As a firm, you need to focus on the product or services you are known for and try to offer the best.

Reason#2 Cost Factor

Most companies decide to outsource their ReactJS requirement due to financial reasons. With a remote team of ReactJS developers, you don’t have to spend on the lengthy recruitment process and training.

If you have an in-house team, you will have to take care of their health insurance and need additional infrastructure and office space.

You can take advantage of differences in the cost of living between developed and developing countries. For example, the cost of living in New York is much higher than in countries like Norway. As a result, you can pay much lower wages as compared to what you would pay in your own country.

The cost factor is crucial in case you are a start-up, Small or medium-sized business.

Reason#3 Scalability

Businesses often see expansion opportunities, but a lack of staff is a major hurdle in their plans. However, expanding the team takes time, and you may miss out on lucrative growth opportunities.

On the other hand, if you overestimate the number of employees required for a ReactJS web development project, reducing the number can be an excruciating process later on.

Working with remote ReactJS developers gives you flexibility in both directions. You can scale up the number anytime there is a need for more developers and scale down when you don’t need that number.

Reason#4 Faster Turnaround Time

If you hire a remote team of ReactJS developers, you will sign a contract with a time frame for various project stages. In case of delay, the firm that employs them will be liable. So, more often than not, the project will be completed on time.

As there is a tight deadline for the project, the firm to which you have outsourced the web development project will utilize more resources to ensure delivery on time.

As this team of ReactJS developers are committed to delivering a highly efficient product, you can rest assured about your web development requirement.

Reason#5 Technology & Talent Pool

When you hire a remote team for ReactJS web development, you can get access to the most trending tools and technologies. An excellent remote ReactJS developer is skilled in a number of technologies and techniques. As a result, the final product will be much better than what an in-house team could have achieved.

How to hire a Remote ReactJS Developer?

Step 1: Know Your Requirement

The first thing you need to do while hiring a remote ReactJS developer is to be clear about your project requirements. You should communicate your requirements to the candidates and your budget.

Step 2: Check their Portfolio

Before finalizing your remote ReactJS developer or developers, you should check their portfolio. Check every project they have worked on and the products they have delivered.

Scrutinize their roles in the project, contribution level, and feedback received from their clients.

Step 3: Asses their Technical Skills

Check their technical skills to ascertain whether they fit into your project requirement or not. The remote ReactJS developer you hire should be capable of delivering your web development requirement with all the features and within the time frame you want.

Step 4: Sign a Contract

Don’t leave anything to chance. Sign a contract with the ReactJS developer to ensure professional service and commitment.



Top Skills to Look For in a Remote ReactJS Developer

The ReactJS library cannot create an application by itself; the developer has to be skilled one to make use of all the resources available. You should look for the following skills in the remote ReactJS developer.


HTML and CSS are the two most essential skills required in a ReactJS developer. Only a basic understanding of these technologies is not sufficient. The developers should be capable of creating a robust and engaging user interface.

2. Git

It is an essential tool for any developer’s toolbox, which is required for storing projects on GitLab, Bitbucket, and GitHub

3. JSX

JSX, which is similar to HTML, is an abstraction built on top of React.createElement() API. React.createElement() can be used to generate a complete application.

 4. Third-party Tools

Along with in-built libraries of ReactJS, the developers should be well-versed in technologies such as Redux, Material Kit React and React Router.

5. Node + Npm

The NPM registry is important for React developers to understand as this is where software developers may get code to aid in software development. It is a cloud-storage service for packages called dependencies.

6. Communication Skills

Your remote developer should be able to interact with you or your colleagues. The person should be able to communicate his/her ideas clearly and understand what you describe.

7. Analyzing Project Requirements

Different ReactJS projects have different requirements, and remote developers should be able to understand those requirements. Once clear about the requirement, he/she should analyze it for the best possible solution.

8. Planning Skills

For on-time delivery, proper planning must be done at different project stages. Each stage needs to be completed on time for the project to be successfully delivered according to the time frame in the contract.

To Conclude…

React.JS is a popular web development library for both small and large organizations. It helps in creating reusable, scalable, and easily manageable applications. Hiring a remote ReactJS developer for your web development project is a good idea as it has several benefits.

A web application is a vital tool for any business house for promotion and customer care. A competent ReactJS developer or a team of competent ReactJS developers can deliver a solution that is robust and high-performing. This can improve sales and spur growth.

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