5 Logo Animation Styles Worth Checking Out for Your Next Video Project

5 Logo Animation Styles Worth Checking Out for Your Next Video Project

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of businesses using videos to market their products or services. According to a report by Wyzowl, 86 percent of brands nowadays are using video content as a tool for marketing. Whether it is a small project for a product launch or a logo introduction, many businesses are focusing on creating videos to engage their audience.

 The visuals or graphics are one of the most important elements in such projects. With logo designs, there are a lot of ways to be creative and boost awareness among consumers. For example, you can consider different animation styles to stand out from the competitors and produce a memorable design. In a video project, it can become a lot easier to experiment with animated brand symbols and even recreate it to attract a younger demographic.

 If you are looking for inspirational animation styles for your next video projects, there are quite a few ideas that you could try.

1.            Changing Icons or Elements

 This is an interesting logo animation style that can show people what a brand has to offer and also help them recall the wordmark and symbol later on. Take the example of an animated design that has been created as an inspiration for FedEx. The icons change quickly to present a final wordmark that appears at the end. As you may see, all the elements tell the viewer about the business. This helps convey a clear message to the consumer and hook them from the beginning.

Image Source: inspiration.design

If you are making a logo for a media company, you can consider this animation style for your next project. By incorporating elements such as a camera, a play button or moving pixels, such companies can engage the audience effectively and showcase their industry too.

There are actually quite a few ways to add icons and elements that transform to present a wordmark or brand name. Consider the animation created for Roti below. It’s a similar concept and the objects change into the logo or wordmark. You can take inspiration from these ideas and use them effectively for various video projects like a product announcement or tutorial.

Image Source: dribbble.com

2.            Wiping Effect

You may have seen quite a few animation styles which feature the wiping effect in text or symbols. This is where the elements appear in a smooth movement one after the other. So it creates a wiping effect that can end with the logo at the end. Just think about the Netflix lettermark in their videos here. The ‘N’ is featured in most projects and is now recognized across the world for its clean typography and distinct red color palette.

It is a good idea to keep the viewer interested until the end and send out the right message too. If you consider the Netflix example, you can see how the symbol transforms into various colors that create the effect of a screening. It tells the audience that the streaming platform aims to offer the experience of a cinema.

Image Source: Netflix Logo Animation (Youtube)

3.            Wordmark Formation

If you are looking for inspiration to add a wordmark logo in your video project, this animation style could certainly help you get the desired results. There are various ways that you can work with a wordmark and draw attention to it in videos. Look at the example of Pixate given here. The effects are quite dramatic with the leaves forming the ‘X’ first and the letters appearing individually.

The elements combine to form the minimalist logo that can instantly make a positive impression on the viewer. It is a good idea that could help you promote a product or service successfully and allow more people to become familiar with your brand identity design. You can also try a different technique with a wordmark where the letters can slowly appear in one movement.

Image Source: dribbble.com

In case, there are one or two shapes in the logo design, such animation styles can work with those very well too.

4.            Lightning Or Glitch Effect

Now, some people may find this animation style disruptive but it can make it easier for consumers to remember the brand’s name or symbol. This is basically about adding a lightning effect to one or two elements or making them glitch. If you take the example given below, you can see how the creator has used this logo animation style to convey what the business is about.

It also shows the inspiration behind the name ‘bolt’ which means speed and strength. If your logo has such imagery or icons, you can add a glitching or lightning effect to those in your video project. This way, the brand design can also be featured in the beginning and keep the viewer hooked to the end.

 Image Source: dribbble.com

5.            Changing Colors

This may seem quite a common way to animate a logo in a video project, it can help you boost awareness about your brand colors. You could include the variations or highlight the color palette effectively by adding such effects where the color changes quickly. If you consider the example created for eBay, the primary colors with green transform to a display of colors. The wordmark appears in the middle and the background appears in different combinations.

Image Source: dribbble.com

In case you opt for such a logo animation style, you can feature it after the video finishes so people are able to focus on the colors and associate them with your brand. You can also go with something simple and keep two or three variations.

Summing Up

These are some of the logo animation styles that you can check out for you next video project. They can work well in videos you may want to post on your social media accounts or on the website. If you have a YouTube channel, you can also take inspiration from some of the animated logos and engage your audience successfully. While there is a lot that you can do with animations, it’s better to keep things simple so that the viewer does not get overwhelmed.

Author: Anabelle Portman

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